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Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy
SC World Inc. endeavors to advance life science and technology in harmonization with nature, and devotes itself to create new products and services to contribute healthy, prosperous and happy life of the people around the world.

About our corporate symbol design

our corporate symbol Each of the three spheres symbolizes a single cell and highlighted with the three primary colors of light, red, green and blue to imply that every thing originate from light. The deep-blue line surrounding the spheres is the sea that nurses the vivid living cells. The red sphere is the sun that expresses our ambition for the future. The green sphere is the forest representing the steady environment of the earth. The blue sphere is the blue sky in spring or the universe that provides our limitless future. The symbol, as a whole, represents our powerful energy to go into the world of creation. "World" is placed in the green sphere to expresses our harmonization with the natural environment.
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